Human activity unbalances the ecosystems cycle

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Climate change caused by human activity influences on some species, that are displaced to other habitats, or in the worst case, these species may be extinguished. A report by an international team of scientists published this week in the Science journal, analyzes how the species balance affect ecosystems. One of the Climate Change consequences and habitat destruction is the loss of species. At the same time, living beings in other areas invade other ecosystems as a result of human activity. They are invasive species.

Climate Change and human activity alter ecosystems.

Climate Change and human activity alter ecosystems. Credit: Gerard Bajona

A new report published in Science journal suggests a framework for understanding how this balance of species alters the function of terrestrial ecosystems. “Most of the reports do not have in consideration the role of the new species”, researchers say. However, “both processes occur simultaneously and should be assessed together,” they add. The loss or gain of living beings affects basic functions of this areas. “The effects are more pronounced when species occupy most of the ecosystem biomass and when their features are an essential part in the habitat functions”, say the experts. Source: SINC. The report: “Terrestrial Ecosystem Responses to Species Gains and Losses”. Science 332.

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